About us


Our home is our fortress, a meeting place, a haven of peace, a family nest. It is a place where life begins, stories are created, emotions flow, values are preserved, and memories remain.

To create the coziness of a home, details are usually used that would not only match the overall interior of the home, but also reflect our style, giving the home exclusivity.

Metalman – exceptional interior details for modern homes. It’s handmade metal products, which give the house not only coziness, authenticity, but also durability, have a lasting value.

Exclusive design  candlesticks  will fit perfectly on handwork  metal coffee table  or  shelves, which will complement the interior of every home. Also practical but elegant firewood stands  ar  holders  will not only accommodate the wood of your fireplace, but will also become a unique accent of your home.

And if you are looking for an original gift – metal wine bottle holder , hammock  or durable hanger will not disappoint anyone. These items are perfect for both settlers and those who love exclusive handmade products.

Recall that Metalman  metal products are all available  different because the meticulousness of the hands and the great dedication to the work give each product its own uniqueness.

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